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Designed to cater to your lifestyle

This development has been carefully planned so that every architecturally-crafted home benefits from the unique surroundings. Lakes, ponds, parkland, walking tracks - all cleverly designed to work with the natural fall of the land and merge your home with the natural environment.

Lush greenery stretches as far as the eye can see and you will  
Victoria University - 8 mins drive

never tire of the beautiful vista, the open spaces and what seems to be the freshest of country air. Each home at Canterbury Hills has been designed by award winning architects to cater to your lifestyle, five-star energy ratings and attractive streetscapes with no visible power lines are key components.


The Townshend Homes Group Design Panel reviews all plans to ensure they meet the building covenants and guarantee that all properties continue to meet the developer's high standards. Choose from a range of boutique homes in contemporary or traditional styling, all featuring plenty of space to move inside and out.

Sunbury Hospital - 2 mins drive



A perfectly planned community that will eventually host over 1000 families, at Canterbury Hills you're never far from the beauty of water. The estate is designed around the central Great Lake, ponds, creeks and cascading waterfalls. This fertile natural habitat attracts scores of birds and native wildlife. Walk along any of the tracks and you'll be delighted by the sights and sounds of nature.

Set in the heart of Sunbury, rich in cultural history and the birthplace of the famous 'Ashes' (a prized trophy in cricket played between England and Australia every 2 years), Sunbury is home to historic mansions, bluestone bridges, churches and wineries. In 1994 the Victoria University opened a campus on the site of the old hospital using some of the existing buildings and The Boiler House which was built in 1899 is now home to the
Sunbury & District Arts and Cultural Board Inc.  
Airport - 10 mins drive
Approximately 30 minutes from the centre of the Melbourne, Sunbury can be easily reached by bus, train or car making it an ideal place to live and relax but still very close to the city. One of Melbourne's most desirable suburbs, Sunbury is a friendly and safe neighbourhood with quiet country charm and unique accessibility to busy city life.
  • Public Transport System  
  • Private and Public Schools
  • 5 Medical and Health Facilities
  • 8 Primary School
  • Shopping  
  • Libraries
  • Golf Course
  • Victoria University Campus
  • Fast Train System
  • 12 Child Care and Pre-school Centres
  • Leisure and Fitness Centres
  • Exercise Trails,bicycle and walking paths
  • Over 20 cafes and restaurants
  • 14 Churches
  • 4 Supermarkets
  • Melbourne Airport

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