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Australia is the most culturally diverse country in the region and one of the most multinational on earth with nearly one-quarter of the population born overseas. Australian’s are multilingual and culturally sensitive with more than 854 000 fluent in a major Asian language and 1.3 million fluent in a major European tongue (apart from English). People from around 200 countries have migrated to Australia. The diverse composition of our population contributes greatly to the dynamic, innovative and inclusive nature of Australian society. A cultural respect, which gives all Australians, subject to the law, the right to express their own culture and beliefs

Melbourne’s suburbs extend around the huge Port Phillip Bay into the plains to the west and east and out to the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges. Meticulously planned, Melbourne was established in 1835 and the City of Melbourne is the home, workplace and leisure centre of one of the world’s most harmonious and culturally diverse communities with more than 140 nationalities living side by side.
From 130 cities the EIU (Economist Intelligent Unit based in London since 1946) has voted Melbourne ‘The World’s Most Liveable City’ for the past 3 years. The criteria includes political, social, economic and environmental factors.

Melbourne’s North offers one of the lowest risk business environments in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. It is underpinned by stable economic and political systems that can deliver a high degree of confidence to business choosing to establish a base in Melbourne’s North – reflected in Victoria's AAA credit rating from Standard and Poors. The region is an advanced manufacturing hub (Kodak, Ford and South Pacific Tyres), producing around 30% of Victoria's manufactured products and a leading provider and exporter of education services (Kangan Batman TAFE, La Trobe University, Victoria University and RMIT University).
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