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  Success Stories
  “My family have come to visit me in Australia and they liked the beaches and soon my sister will be moving here too.”  
“It was a big move to Australia, there was a lot to do but I couldn’t be happier, Townshend helped me every step of the way.”
“ It is very safe here. I don’t worry about my children when they go off and play at the park. It is also very clean, everything is so beautiful.”
“This is the first time I have lived in a brand new house, everything is so clean and fresh and I have the latest appliances in my new kitchen.”
“Our Children enjoy Sunbury Secondary College. They found it easy to settle in and have made many friends. They love the lifestyle. I also have my eldest daughter attending Swinburne University.”
“I had been rejected for permanent residency previousy but David from Townshend showed me the pathway and now I am living in Australia and working in Sunbury.”
““I had no concerns about depositing money into the trust account because I knew it was secure.”
“I enjoy the little things like fresh water from the tap, the clean air and the beautiful sunshine. I have made many new friends and I am surprised that I don’t miss anything from my old home.”
“Townshend secured me a multi-entry visa that allows me to have one foot in busy Bombay and one foot in peaceful Gisborne, Australia.”

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