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TPA has been started by Capt.V.V.Bhardwaj with an aim to provide the aspiring students who wish to pursue a career in Aviation, a platform where they can fulfill their desires in a very professional atmosphere. TPA has a very experienced team from Airline and Air Force not only to provide training, but also to guide you properly through each phase, till you are ready for employment in the Aviation industry equipped with the Indian CPL.
TPA’s  motto is turn dreamz into reality. Everyone has a dream. A dream of good life, lots of money, travel glamour’s, fame etc. Dreams do get converted into reality if you have a desire to achieve that, willing to work hard, have the means and most important, someone to guide you on the right path. Well the hard work, means, is your responsibility. TPA promises to guide you on the right path efficiently, honestly, and competently.

At TPA the Ground Subjects are taught by a very experienced faculty in Aviation both from the Air lines and the Indian Air Force.

Sqn. Ldr A.K. Singh a pilot from the Indian Air Force with rich flying experience on Fighter Aircrafts teaches Navigation, Instruments and Radio Aids. As he was a QFI in IAF, he is well qualified for the job. Metrology and Regulations are taught by Air lines Pilots who are more conversant with DGCA regulations.

At TPA the course is taught in such a way that course is finished much in advance of actual examination. That will leave the student with enough time for self revision, polishing of examination temperament and removal of last moment doubts.

TPA equipped with state of the technology and zeal to touch new heights in the aviation field, TPA is the perfect destination for youngsters who wish to unfold their wings in the unlimited skies.

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