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TPA has a well qualified ground instructors for imparting quality education to the students which help them to appear in DGCA  and airlines competitive exams .

TPA team of ground instructors is headed by Sq. Ldr. A.K.Singh and special sessions are taken by the pilots of various airlines on the regular basis.

The ground studies for pilots consists of the following subjects:-

  1. Aero Engines:- This is the knowledge about the types of engines used in the aircrafts. These are generally of two kinds.
    1. Piston Engine i.e. the four stroke engine and the Jet Engine.
    2. Air Frame i.e. the main body of the aircraft. The wings, fuse large, tail plane , the landing gear.
  2. Air Navigation:- This is the art of flying the aircraft from one place to another. It involves a thorough knowledge of the earth’s magnetism, the earth’s topography reduced on the maps and charts used in aviation. The wind force acting on the aircraft during flight along with other forces of earth’s deviation and variation. A very complicated process to an outsider made very easy at TPA.
  3. Radio Aids and Instruments:- The knowledge of the radio waves used in communication between aircraft. Also these radio waves have been used in instruments like radar etc.
  4. Metrology:- This is the study of weather about winds, clouds, typhoons, thunderstorms, cyclones, fog etc and how they effect aviation.
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