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Our Values
> Creating an Inclusive and Well Cultured Environment
> Sustain Focus on Performance
> Developing the Human Resources as Assets
> Managing Change efficiently
> Encouraging Open House Discussions and Debate
Our Infrastructure and Technology

The work procedures at RS BHARGAVA PHARMACY are ISO 9001:2000 certified and the company’s single focus on health care products enables us to engage in economies of scale in managing work flow and investment.

Our integrated distribution and IT systems is the underlying factor for full transparency of data.

We continuously seek to upgrade our facilities and operations through huge investments and developments.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities
Striving for continuous improvement and betterment, the company has located its most envied manufacturing unit at Bulandshahr, just 60 kms from New Delhi, the national capital of India.
> Spread over a huge area, we are equipped with all the latest technological inputs handled by qualified and experienced     manpower.
> The strategic location helps us encash the local as well as overseas market in terms of our distribution and logistics.
> The perfect blend of trained manpower and ultra modern machinery has always been our greatest asset.
> We have isolated and dedicated production facilities for different brands and different dosage forms like tablets, syrups,    suspensions, gels, Tincures, dilutions, granules, powder, sachets, eye and nasal drops etc.
> Some of the rarest Mother Tincures are in the manufactured by R.S.B.P.
> Modern high speed machines and integrated packaging lines to maintain the process efficiency.
> Multi station tablet presses
> We have been the pioneers in blister packing in the homoeopathic industry.
> Huge production capacity.
> % of rework is zero
> Continuous effort to improve raw material utilization
> Tremendous cost benefit to customers
Our Quality Statement

The company taps the best talent in the country to monitor and control the concept of Total Quality Management. Our stringent quality policy is supported by the right procedures and required infrastructure.
Regular monitoring of systems and standards helps us to provide consistent quality products and services to the customers
and being committed to quality, we ensure that every product we manufacture and distribute, conforms with our aim to deliver:

Homoeopathy At Its Best!

At, R.S.B.P, Quality is assured at every step in all the dosage forms from mother Tincures to dilutions to bio chemics to patents.
Few measures for the quality check are as follows:

Mother Tincures, Dilutions :-
> Authencity of Raw Materials
> Age
> Collection Season for herbs
> Cleaning & drying methods
> Percentag of active ingredients
> Quality of Alcohol & Water i.e. the percentage and form used
> Methods used – Maceration or Percolation
    (depending on physiology of drug)
> Strength of Phytochemicals
> Filteration & Drying Techniques
> Microbiologaical Testing
> Back Potencies in case of Dilutions
> Potentisation as defined by Dr. Samuel Hahneman
> drug content of the final product
> effect of light, air & moisture
> shelf life of the product

Bio chemic & Patent tablets :-
> Purity of the raw material and lactose used
> Granulation & drying time
> Fineness of the particle size achieved
> Dissolution time
> Drug content of the final product
> Effect of light, air & moisture
> Shelf life of the product
Our Network

RS BHARGAVA PHARMACY is among the fewest Homoeopathic Players catering to the needs of Indian and Overseas Markets.
We are rapidly moving with an aim to unleash the huge potential and opportunities in domestic and international markets,
We have demonstrated competence by developing successful brands in different therapeutic areas.

In recent span of time, company has been able to build a strong hold and an admirable network in the domestic market. And
with our team of qualified, professionally managed Field Force backed by the Corporate Office, the company has many more markets to be opened in the pipeline.


Like in Indian market, RS BHARGAVA PHARMACY is gradually establishing its mark in Over-seas market also. The company currently has its operations in various continents including 17 countries. To name, Asia, Europe, Africa would be examples to quote.

All our operations follow a sincere approach to quality, validated systems and processes leading to strategic brand building through customer focus.

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