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This remedy is based on Tissue Salts & Biochemic Therapy developed by Dr. Schuessler
Schuessler came to the conclusion that a deficiency of, or missing inorganic mineral salts like Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Sodium, Phosphate, Chloride will cause disruption to the living processes and therefore create illnesses. This results in an inhibition of the cell metabolism. If the missing mineral is supplied the disrupted cell metabolism starts working properly again

The human body contains twelve essential mineral (tissue) salts, a correct balance of which must be maintained in order to ensure normal cell function and the maintenance of good health.

A normal balance of these vital mineral salts can be re-established with the administration of the deficient mineral in a readily assimilated form, which passes rapidly into the bloodstream and therefore the cells.


> Calcarea Fluorica                    -     Calcium Fluoride
> Calcarea Phosphorica            -     Calcium Phosphate
> Calcarea Sulphurica                -     Calcium Sulphate
> Ferrum Phosphoricum            -     Ferroso-Ferric Phosphate
> Kalium Muriaticum                   -     Potassium Chloride
> Kalium Phosphoricum            -     Potassium Phosphate
> Kalium Sulphuricum                -     Potassium Sulphate
> Magnesium Phosphoricum    -     Magnesium Phosphate
> Natrum Muriaticum                   -     Sodium Chloride
> Natrum Phosphoricum            -     Sodium Phosphate
> Natrum Sulphuricum                -     Sodium Sulphate
> Silicea - Silica
> Five Phos                                    -      Calacrea Phos, Mag Phos, Ferrum Phos, Natrum Phos, Kali Phos
Available in 25 Gm, & 450 Gm. Packs.


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