Sofwares :
We have been selling software’s required by professionals like Tax Base – For Computation and Tax Returns,e- TDS Software’s, Income Tax return preparation Software’s, Service Tax, Accounting Software’s like Tally (All versions), BUSY, SIGMA, etc. for number of Corporate, and Non Corporate Clients, Tax Professionals, etc.
We have been appointed as sole selling dealer of Sinewave Computers Pvt. Ltd. for the following softwares

  • Taxbase
  • Taxbase standalone
  • Payroll
  • TDS
  • Service Tax
  • E-Audit Balance Sheet
  • E-Audit Audit Report


Taxbase: -

When it comes to tax calculation and computation ‘Sinewave Taxbase’ is the ultimate solution for the Chartered Accountants, Tax Consultants and the Finance Community at large. With Taxbase you can instantly compute the taxable income and taxes thereon for your clients. Thereby relieving you from the day to day manual working of tax computation, filing up and checking the computation sheet and tax returns.
This hassle free software will keep you updated on the tax law changes and will provide you with the most accurate tax computations. Result being, you would be able to use your valuable time more efficiently in handling more number of clients.
This software covers: - Computation, Preparation and Filing of Returns (paper and/or e-filing) along with suitable computation sheet.

Payroll Software
: -

‘Sinewave Payroll’ not just a software but a tool that makes payroll management ridiculously simple and effective. It manages employee information with easy to use interfacing and processes monthly payroll with IT computation in the shortest time frame. Needless to day, it keeps an employer up to date with his statutory obligations. It is a versatile software that cause customerised by the user himself to accommodate in his own manner of payroll computation. The software has user definable additions or reductions along with backend interfacing with income tax module wherein TDS estimations may be arrived at from month to month.

This software is very unique and is huge success among banks, MNC’s, BPO’s, SME’s, schools and colleges and other large corporates to name a few.

‘Sinewave Payroll’ classifies and store payroll data from month to month for the employees.

TDS Software: -

‘Sinewave TDS’ software helps corporate and/or eligible entity efficiently manages and update tax deductions/collections under applicable sections through ever changing technology and tax law changes. It is a powerful window –based software ideally suited for contractors, financers, professionalists, salaried employees, commission agents/brokers, shareholders etc.
This software covers

  • Quarterly salaries return with form24Q, form16, form27A and other additional features.
  • Quarterly non salary return with form26Q, form16A, form27A and other additional features.
  • Quarterly tax collection at source returns u/s 206C.
  • Quarterly return for TDS from non-residents u/s 195 and other applicable sections.

Tax salient features
  The system computes the deductions based on the section under which such payments are being made.
It has an easy import facility from (Tally)TM software- SDF format, XLS format.

Service Tax: -

‘Service tax’ software is an ultimate suite for tax professionals for managing the service tax information of their client. It efficiently assists tax consultants/ business entities manage multiple business/ promise service tax returns.

Monthly/ half yearly returns
Based on the type of return the business entity needs to file, the data capture is bounded for bills, receipts and tax credit bills for suppliers for the relevant period. Based on these entries the service tax challan may be generated along with printing of the some.

e- Audit Balance Sheet: -


‘Sinewave Balance sheet’ package provides tax the step by step process of finalization of accounts (with previous year figures) ready for signatures starting from feeding the year end trial balance. It provides for passing of finalization journal entries.
Balance sheet, profit & loss account

  • Balance sheet, profit & loss account as the schedule VI
  • Input – Trial balance – Manual entry/ Import facility from any software/ program
  • Onetime grouping of accounts to balance sheet groups. For subsequent years only new accounts to be grouped.
  • Process sheets to finalize various items in balance sheet

                   # Provision for expenses/ income
                   # Dividend
                   # Reserves
                   # Valuation of stocks, etc.

  • Finalization of journal entity register printing.

e- Audit Balance Sheet: -

Tax Audit

  • Complete support system for tax audit work
  • For each question separate process sheet


  • Each process sheet provides

a) Space for drafting current year’s response
b) Facility to import previous two year’s response
c) Facility to import responses in cases of other clients
d) Provides schedules, wherever necessary, ready to fill up the data
e) Facility to copy the earlier year’s responses/ schedules and other    client’s responses/ schedules to current year’s response box and facility to edit the some.
f) Facility to work out depreciation as per IT rules.

4.   Each process sheet contains facility to fill up the check list. In the check list, we have the facility to add, delete and edit.

5.   Each process sheet contains ready references to
      a) The relevant provision of income tax act & rules.
      b) The relevant guidance note of I.C.A.I.
      c) Circulars

6.   Three level authorization facility.
7.   Option of printing of form 3CA/ 3CB in Ms-word, ensuring excellent presentation.

8.   3CD annexure, auto numbering facility and auto insertion of corresponding response in 3CD.

Statutory audit report including CARD

  • This module provides support system for preparation of statutory audit reports including CARD.
  • For CARD, for every point separate process sheet for each point on the same lines as in tax audit report with additional suggested responses.
  • Suggested check list for every point having facility to add or modify facility to print in draft mode and in Ms-word for preparation of notes on accounts.

All modules have facility for formatting or alignment of signatures part to suit individual’s requirements.



We are into the business of back office solutions for past 5 years. We are Providing the following back office Solutions/ Services

  • Accounting Services :- Here you can out source all your accounts
    related work to us.
  • Payroll Processing :- Here you outsource us all the salary related
    work like salary chart preparation, Salary processing, ESI and PF
    preparation and deposit, Online Staff related queries to us.
  • Outsourcing ESI and PF related matter
  • E-TDS return Processing and Preparation.
  • Direct Taxation related matters
  • Indirect Taxation – VAT, Excise, Service Tax matters
  • Companies Formation Matters
  • All Kinds of Consultancy for Non Residents

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