“The safety of the people should be the highest law.”

As per said in the quote above, to improve the safety of the people is the foremost priority of the government. Bearing this thing in mind Constitution has made several laws to reduce the undesirable, tragic traffic related deaths; that focus on key traffic safety issues. One of the traffic rules and regulations makes use of a helmet, if on a two-wheeler (motorcycles and bicycles),compulsory.

A needlessly large number of cyclists are killed or permanently disabled as a result of a head injury received from a fall or during a crash. Regrettably, many of these head injuries could have been prevented or their severity reduced through the use of a straightforward and inexpensive helmets. Nation’s comprehensive state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities have turned over up to 400,000 helmets every year. The gamut of products encompasses the largest range of helmets and two wheeler accessories. has established itself as one of the giants among the helmet manufactures within a decade.

helmets are of exclusive style incorporating both the simplicity and class. Also helmets are technologically advanced. With high quality designs that reflect the changing needs of people everywhere ensures total commitment to customer’s satisfaction. With innovations introduced every year by the engineers, we continue to maintain the quality of the materials and the work done on every model during the manufacturing process.

Revolutionary Technology:

An urge to give even better product to the customer, numerous technical developments have already been made in our product for the intense competition on the racetracks of connoisseurs. We are also maintaining the highest quality at all production levels. So in addition to these we are also manufacturing Moped & M.C. side Box, Visor & Sunshade etc.

Customer Service Operation:

A highly motivated team of experienced technocrats looking after the operations and customer services within the country and abroad.


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