The TIPS vision is to develop, encourage and sustain passion for learning amongst all the students at the Institute. TIPS represents the ultimate aspirational level for KEWS and is envisioned as a dynamic, growth-oriented, world-class professional institute, providing futuristic, capacity-enhancing career options.  We aim to provide at TIPS, a vibrant learning environment as per changing needs of the corporate and technical sectors and to rapidly achieve global benchmarks in the disciplines of management, computer applications and journalism and mass communication.

Our core mission is conducting market-driven undergraduate professional programmes catering to our chosen disciplines. It is our mission to provide an integrated range of academic and career options to students opting to study in our Institute. Our mission is to aid in the creation of managers who understand that expertise must reach corporates, individuals as well as agriculture and the informal sector. Also encompassing our mission is the centrality of public action in the lives of the Indian citizen. We view the media and mass communication as vital instruments in creating the conditions of public action. Our mission is to empower, student of mass communication with the required abilities to highlight issues of public concern, ultimately leading to their solution. The raison'de'etre behind the BCA course is obvious. It is our mission to be a part of the information and knowledge driven economy of the IT enabled age. In our planning, our mission is clearly defined in the following stages. The first stage deals with capacity creation, with the ultimate aim of setting standards for academic excellence in the beginning itself. We thus focus on space, technology, faculty and facility creation. Technological upgradation is the focus and extension of knowledge gained in the first stage is the core agenda in the second stage. Finally, we aim at consolidation of ranking on the basis of academic and professional expertise. Academic excellence will translate into research & development activities. In this stage, consolidation of industry edge and cornering the market are the focus. This multi-stage mission is the blue print for achieving our mission for TIPS. Our core ideal is to undertake all such activities which may aid in an all round development of personalities of the students enabling them to emerge out products with appropriate mix of 'knowledge', 'skills' and 'attitudes'.

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